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3737 Cherry Creek Lane
Sterling Heights, MI 48314

Preserves - Choose from 13 Unique Floor Plans!

Type 1 Year2 Year3 Year
One Bedroom Units
The Juniper – Ranch Upper Unit890 SQ. FT., 1-Car Garage$1,305$1,255$1,255
Two Bedroom Units





The Laurel – Ranch Lower Unit1,100 SQ. FT., 1-Car Garage$1,450$1,400$1,400
The Belvedere – Ranch Lower Unit1,085 SQ. FT., 2-Car Garage$1,465$1,415$1,415
The Dogwood – Ranch Upper Unit1,100 SQ. FT., 1-Car Garage$1,465$1,415$1,415
The Hawthorne – Ranch Upper Unit1,155 SQ. FT., 2-Car Garage$1,540$1,490$1,490

The Woodruff – Townhome
($10 “C” Elevation or End Unit), (Less $50 No Deck)

1,295 SQ. FT., 2-Car Garage$1,640$1,590$1,590
The Aspen – Ranch Upper Unit1,280 SQ. FT., 1-Car Garage$1,585$1,535$1,535
The Wisteria – Ranch Lower Unit1,555 SQ. FT., 1-Car Garage$1,765$1,715$1,715
The Mulberry – Ranch Upper Unit1,630 SQ. FT., 2-Car Garage$1,795$1,745$1,745
Three Bedroom Units
The Laurel III – Ranch Lower Unit1,375 SQ. FT., 1-Car Garage$1,670$1,620$1,620
The Dogwood III – Ranch Upper Unit1,440 SQ. FT., 1-Car Garage$1,685$1,635$1,635
The Larkspur – Townhome
($10 “C” Elevation or End Unit)
1,525 SQ. FT., 2-Car Garage$1,735$1,685$1,685
The Linden – Townhome1,910 SQ. FT., 2-Car Garage$2,100$2,050$2,050

Handicap accessible units include the features for persons with disabilities required by the Federal Fair Housing Act.

Pricing Last Updated October 27, 2020

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